Our Products and Services Digitek provides a good quality digital television in Tanzania with the introduction of digital video broadcast on Terestrial (DVB-technology).

The DVB-T2 is a new innovation tagged PLUG AND PLAY with very unique features. Different from other Digital Terestrial providers who are still using MPEG2 technology DIGITEK decoders are in moving picture expert group 4 (MPEG4) which is the latest version on digital broadcasting, It guarantees stable signal even in raining days. It also eliminates the usual cost of installation associated with DVB-Satellite and DVB-Cable based technologies.

However, DIGITEK provides contents that are carefully selected to satisfy various interests in homes, hotels, and other recreational places. Most interesting channels in the world are available on DIGITEK which include News, Movies, Documentaries, Sports, Kids/teens, Religion, Musical and general entertainment.

DIGITEK decoders designated for African market have been specially designed to function excellently in the tropical region and the power challenge in Tanzania. The set produces crisp quality images that are friendly to the eyes. Tanzanians are in for a good and palatable experience this time!!! This revolution surely provides great opportunities for direct and indirect employment and helps to raise income level within Tanzanian economy as it is expected that so many small business units will be involved in the marketing of the decoders and its content since the business is channelled from DIGITEK, wholesaler, retailer to final consumer.

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